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RDA Starter Guide {to be changed with a cool pic}

RDA Starters Guide

Table Of Contents

» Intro
» Downloads
» Duel Points
» Skill Points
» Dorms System
» Dueling Arenas and Ranking
» Events
» Entertainment and Games
» Happy Weekends
» Tips and Tricks
» RDA Shops
» Hall of Fame
» Help RDA Being Active
» Blast From The Past
» Evaluation/Statistics Report


Hello new student,

In this guide, you'll find everything you need to understand RDA and how things go in here. First of all, don't forget to introduce yourself HERE.

Make sure to also read RDA's Rules to and RDA's Beginning:Message, Goals and Vision to know everything about us and help us becoming better.


RDA's official platform is currently YGOPro Percy's Version, make sure to download and have this game to make sure you experience the full fun of RDA and all it's events.

To download YGOPro click HERE.

Dueling Points

Dueling PointsAlso known as DPs, this's the currency in RDA used to purchase things on the academy basically used for any virtual purchases in the academy.

Each new member begins with 100 DPs and you can use those points to purchase things from the shops; RDA's Main Shop you can purchase a reset item for records, a glowing name, a custom rank, a custom title and the double spell for arenas, etc... . Other than that, you can spend the DPs on GFX Shops and Deck Shops.

How to get them? Getting the dueling points is very easy on RDA, starting from dice game sot events and arenas. Read bellow to understand everything.

Skill Points

Also known as SPs, the most important thing you need in the academy to dorm up yourself.
Earning skill points is easy since you have many things around RDA to gain SPs from we have dueling arenas and tons of other events that will be explained later on this guide.

Dorms System

RDA's system is all about gathering points and achieving requirements in order to get yourself into a dorm and level up from it to another one.

The following link will lead you to the full explanation of this system and requirements, make sure to read it HERE.

When you achieve all requirements to get into a dorm, you'll have to post about it asking to enter a dorm using the format HERE.

Dueling Arenas

RDA offers you many types of dueling arenas:

Battle Tower (BT): Ranked arena with ELO Ranking and the official arena in RDA.
Reward: 50 DPs, 3 SPs.

Shadow Arena (SA): This arena isn't ranked but it has a record of wins and loses, also you can bet a number of DPs in it in addition to the normal reward it gives.
Rewards: 100 DPs in addition to the bet DPs, 3 SPs.

Unlimited Arena (UA): This arena is basically to train and have fun, it doesn't have a record yet it gives you points and helps you to be closer to a dorm.
Rewards: 25 DPs, 1 SP.

Your information will all be displayed in your profile, here's an example on how things would look:


RDA has a huge base of events that we host all the time and each one of them has it's own amount of rewards of SPs and DPs.

The standard rewards are:
8 players tournament: 10 SPs, 300 DPs and above.
16 players tournament: 20 SPs, 600 DPs and above.
Special Events: 25 SPs and above.

RDA Live: Normal live tour that will be hosted whenever the chatbox is active, this live gives you DPs and SPs.

RDA Mini Live: A second type of live tours following a round robin system, can be hosted anytime the chatbox is active.

Casual Tournaments: RDA casuals are hosted all the time, and from their name, they're casual tours with small adds and change of rules that will accrue every casual.

RDA's League:

Hunting Tournaments: An event where you give in your soul to be haunted by others, an event based on rolling your opponents name.

Survival Duels: A double elimination based event where you have to fight to survive during it and do your best to win.

Gozen Challenge: Another RDA typical, in this event you'll have a restriction on your deck; you can run monster of only one Attribute in main, extra and side.

Warlord's Rivalry: A very similar event to gozen but in this case, you can run only one monster Type in your deck.

Highlander: An event based on highlander, basically all cards in the game (except banned) turns limited, so you can run only 1 copy of each card in your deck.

Aggiba's Blessings: A tournament for the elites, those who became 1st place winners of other tours will receive an invitation to Aggiba's Blessing for a chance to compete on RDA's crown.

Deck Building Challenge: In this event, we'll be requesting a build based on an archetype that we'll choose.

Entertainment and Games

You can do dice games, Role Plays and fan-fic, become one of RDA's YouTubers along aside many more interesting things.

  • RDA YouTubers: If you have a YouTube channel (Related to YGO), you can post it on RDA to publish it, in return of this, we would want you to mention RDA in your videos. Make sure to read the full thing of this.
  • Daily Attendance: This's an RDA daily roll, the princesses will give you DPs everyday you roll in that thread.
  • Dueling Dice: This's a fun rolling based game that you can play vs any other RDA member, doing this game and winning it will give you 20 DPs.
  • Pendulum Rising: This roll is based on rolling the three faces of the first Pendulum cards; Timegazer, Stargazer and Odd-Eyes. Winning this roll gives you 100 DPs.
  • Chaos Phantom: Another roll with similar idea to the Pendulum Rising but instead you'll have to roll the faces of the phantom beasts to win. This dice reward is 100 DPs.
  • The Forbidden One: In this roll, you'll attempt to summon Exodia, The Forbidden One; to win this roll you'll have to gather the 5 pieces of him. This dice reward is 100 DPs.
  • Off-Topic: This section will include anything, check it and see for yourself.

Happy Weekends

Happy Weekends is RDA's special way of giving you encouragement to perform arenas and events to gain extra rewards.

Check the whole thing HERE

Tips and Tricks

Tips and tricks is a thread made to help you gain the full befit of RDA system in everything, guiding you how to get fast DPs, SPs and more.

Check the thread HERE

RDA Shops

In our shops you'll be able to spend the DPs you gather from variant things on RDA.

Main Shop: In the main shop you will see variant of items you can purchase, from name change to glow name and record reset. The most important item you need is the Double Spell Item, this item doubles the reward you'd have in an arena. Make sire to check all items there.

GFX Shops: You can purchase yourself a signature, an avatar or a userbar from our shops that are opened during that period of time.

Deck Shops: If you want to have a new deck and you don't wanna make it yourself, or you want to fix on your current decks, you can check those shops and use them for all those things.

Hall of Fame

The names of all our event winners and special users located in the hall of fame, make sure to check it HERE

Help RDA Being Active

Understanding the idea of activity and how it's helping us as a community to grow bigger and become better. Each individual of us is a part of this place and always will be as long as RDA stands and each one can have a part in building it and turning it into a solid consistently active community.

Check the thread HERE

Blast From The Past

This's a thread that we post in all RDA's old things, mostly to share how RDA looked before any updates and upgrades on the look, codes, gfx and everything else.
Check the thread HERE.

Evaluation/ Statistics Report

Statistics report is a thread made on RDA every few months to see how is the community interacting with our events and helping us to know what the community needs. Make sure to keep up with the statistics report to help us improve.

Latest statistics report: Statistics Report (3) Jan/2015: HERE.

Welcome To Resurrection Duel Academy
Promoting Fun, Always.