Hello everyone,
RDA's dorms system is based on gathering points from different things on RDA, those points are called Skill Points and based on them you'll dorm up from the lowest to highest dorm.

What are those 'Skill Points' and how to gather them?

Skill Points (SPs for short) are the unites that basically evaluate you as a duelist, based on the number of SP you collect you can level up dorms.
Gathering them is easy, they're given on Duel Arenas and Events. Make sure to read about all of that on RDA's Official Starters Guide here

The following tables will display and show you the requirements of each dorm and how to reach it!

Note: To post a dorm up request, you need to follow the form Here

Kuriboh Brown

Beginners level, where our students begin their journey on RDA!


  • 1 Post.

Slifer Red

The easiest dorm to get and the first official dorm level you'll have.


  • 50 Skill Points

Ra Yellow

The next level after Slifer will be this, things here will start to get harder and you'll need to work more to get into this dorm.


  • 200 Skill Points

  • 2 Events win (1st place).

  • 50% wining ratio atleast in Battle Tower Arena.

  • 10 Battle Tower wins.

Obelisk Blue

The professionals level starts here, to get into to this dorm you need to be an excellent duelist who's active and willing to challenge himself to get this rank.


  • 600 Skill Points

  • 5 Events win (1st place)

  • 70% wining ratio atleast in Battle Tower Arena.

  • 20 Battle Tower wins.

Golden Horakhaty

Are you interested in knowing the requirements of Horakhaty?

Become Obelisk to reveal them.

What's Next?

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