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Winter 2015 Tier Predictions

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Master Marcus

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PostSubject: Winter 2015 Tier Predictions Sat Dec 20, 2014 3:34 pm#1

YES EVERYONE ITS THAT TIME OF THE YEAR AGAIN WHERE I HAVE MORE PREDICTIONS. Konami shocked us all on some of the selections for the banlist update but now its time to see what resureges and what dies.

Tier 1:

Qliphorts: Gawd I have to vomit in my mouth to type this. Unfortunatly but still expected, konami has done nothing to nerf qliphorts.....yet. They will still dominate next format.

Shaddolls: Believe it or not just cause ShaddollFacts are dead doesn't mean this archtype is. People favored anyway the chaos dragonish sort of build. Anyway these stay dominant.

Burning Abyss: Another deck full of no nerfs. Burning Abyss shall continue to rule.

Tier 2:

Satellaknights: YES be shocked that I place them here. Well actually not really. Competitive play has not been nice to satellaknights. No matter how powerful they are they are still clearly outclassed by qliphorts. Also people just have not found peace with these wonderful creatures. They will be tier 2 next format.

Cosmic Drags: Oh HELLL YEEAA. Cosmic drags are rising. Stunning fact Burning Abyss are actually challenged by jiatous greatness. Well sadly that doesn't Spare him from Qlihports. dem kappas. Oh well, I wouldn't be surprised if by a hair they sneak into tier 1, but most likely gonna be tier 2.

Mermail/Water: They have returned o.o . The buffs to mermails were great so they definitely will get some more playing time this format. Best part about it, they never really got nerfed enough to lose playing time anyway. People just got bored of them.

Necloths:.........Quasar spams for days....nuff said

Honorable Mentions:

Blackwings: Well anyone who doesn't have a brain will try to bring these back but then will realize that they suck now. They are way to slow for the format were in to be competitively viable.

Heros: Sorry heros. You just got the ultmate nerf this format #SuperPolyBanned. Man there must be so much salt towards these guys.

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Kuriboh Brown


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PostSubject: Re: Winter 2015 Tier Predictions Sun Dec 21, 2014 10:19 am#2

lol, agree with tier 1 and heros will not goin up since stratos still banned and super poly got banned too.
i dont really care on tier 2, nekroz? this archtype maybe hit tier 1 too. satellar? idk if this better than shaddoll or not. yang zing? with those tier 1, you dont say. mermails? hmm, maybe.
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PostSubject: Re: Winter 2015 Tier Predictions Mon Dec 22, 2014 11:51 am#3

Pretty sure that Qlips are tier 0. Burning Abyss has always been a forced meta, and the other decks on this list all outclass it. Necloth/Nekroz won't be nearly as good in the TCG as it was in the OCG. Granted, they'll still be okay. Even without Super Poly, Masked HERO will reach the meta, though without Stratos one of the cards can't reasonably be played. GJ Konami.

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PostSubject: Re: Winter 2015 Tier Predictions #4

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Winter 2015 Tier Predictions

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