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PostSubject: AGGIBA'S BLESSINGS (SOON) Tue Feb 03, 2015 11:48 pm#1

This event starts on [Announced Soon]


Aggiba's Blessings is the fame and glory that's given to this tournament winner along aside RDA's Crown, this tournament isn't for anyone to join, only those who have won other tournament on RDA can join this event.
On a monthly base (If activity is suitable) I'll be hosting this event to include all the 1st place winners of any tournament hosted on RDA in the past month. In addition, if the 1st place winner is repeated in a winning 1st places, we'll be inviting the 2nd place winner of that tour to join. 

You'll receive an invitation to join this event, based on it you either approve or disapprove on it. If everyone refused but one, that one will auto win the crown.

Our first Blessing will have one different rule, which it including events count from the day RDA restarted itself. So basically we'll take the 1st/2nd place winners of the past 2 months. 


You should still be an active member on RDA, if you're inactive during the time this event is going to be hosted, you will be ignored and not invited to it. 

Tournament System:

The system is decided depending on the number of participants, it could be a normal single elimination, double elimination or round robins. The starting thread will explain it all when the time comes.

Duel Rules:

-This tournament will be hosted for YGOPro Percy's version, all game options should be set as default without any changes. 

-Latest TCG Banlist with TCG/OCG cards allowed.

-No deck restrictions. 


1st place winner:

RDA's Crown (next to your username) and the title of the crown holder.

1000 Dueling Points
20 Skill Points
Userbar and name in hall of fame.

2nd place winner:

RDA's Silver Metal (Next to your username).

500 Dueling Points
12 Skill Points
Userbar and a name in hall of fame.

You will receive an official invitation for this event when the time comes, make sure to reply approving to this by posting in the thread that will be linked in the invitation. 

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