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Card Discussion: Lindbloom

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PostSubject: Card Discussion: Lindbloom Tue Feb 10, 2015 7:16 pm#1

Today we will be looking at a card that's been seeing some play in Superheavy Samurai decks, and as a general rogue Side Deck card. Lindbloom may have been forgotten as soon as it was released, but it's become a rather popular budget deck choice for dealing with some pesky monsters, with it being able to be normal summoned with relative ease. But why are some people starting to use this card?

Let's be honest, here. The DEF stat has never been a priority in Yu-Gi-Oh!  No matter how powerful they can be on ATK, there’s various methods to use their DEF against them as they become easy targets of attacks. Obviously the same happens with wall monsters carrying a pitiful ATK, but usually they have the advantage of playing defensively to help you set-up or recover against an opponent's moves. However, in some cases such high DEF creatures can suddenly become serious threats than just defending their user. This card is very reminiscent of Tsukuyomi, to me, with a key difference being that it doesn't give your opponent potential for Flip Effects, such as in Shaddolls. A lot of the big bosses in the game simply don't have an answer for their meager DEF stats being used over their powerful ATK.

Even if the time of Tsukuyomi is long over, the idea that you can take advantage of low DEF in an opponent's monster will never truly die, will it? While the card is of course balanced, it does add additional usability to Superheavy Samurai in the Main Deck, despite having a minor role in the Side Deck. What do you think of this little gem, Guest? Or perhaps you think it's rubbish, that only people with no other options are using?

  • Easily summoned counter to the stats of most Qlip monsters.
  • Fairly good wall in case you need it.
  • Risky, but usable out to not having out a Big Benki in Superheavy Samurai decks.
  • Unique target for Debris Dragon, Safe Zone, or other cards of the like.
  • No drawback from the effect of Forbidden Lance outside of the Damage Step.


  • Fairly easy to play around in many decks
  • Well-timed effect negation can cause you to take massive damage
  • Effect completely unavailable for direct attacks
  • If used as a Side Deck card, it can hurt some decks more than it hurts them.
  • Relatively low Wyrm support in the game, much less that would support this card.

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PostSubject: Re: Card Discussion: Lindbloom Tue Feb 10, 2015 7:45 pm#2

Neat card aside from it's usebility in heavy samurais it can be a cool tech in yang zings. It can even be summoned with the the wyrm COTH.
If i were to give it a rating i'd give it 2/5

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PostSubject: Re: Card Discussion: Lindbloom Wed Feb 11, 2015 1:13 am#3

I don't know what to think of this card personally. I don't think I'll run it in anything, but maybe in the future it might be needed to support a new archetype of somehow. Smile

Thanks for the great writing Thananko, appreciated!

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PostSubject: Re: Card Discussion: Lindbloom #4

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Card Discussion: Lindbloom

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