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Guess The Card Rules

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PostSubject: Guess The Card Rules Fri Jul 17, 2015 1:48 am#1



Hello everyone,

Welcome to ''Guess the card'' Game! as the title says we will be posting a Yu-Gi-Oh card (Monster card) and you will try and guess what that card is, easy as that. The cards will be tempered with, flipped, blurred and will be hard to guess. You have 24 hours to answer and DP will be awarded to who answers correctly. And sometimes we might add a character that you'll need to guess. 


1- Everyday there will be a new thread in it posted up to 3 pictures of monster cards.The number of monster cards posted will be relative to the difficulty level.  
2- 24 hours deadline for every new thread.
3- Members post in the thread the answers and in return they will win DPs. Each picture will be awarded 20DPs.


1- This game can be played by anyone, except all members of the staff.
2- Posting the answers by using ONLY the hidden BB code.
3 -Any edited post will not be taken into count and will be overlooked and not awarded even if it's correct.
4- you MUST provide the full card name.
5- You can only post once per thread.

This's how you use the hidden code:
[hide]your text here[/hide]

Have Fun!
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Guess The Card Rules

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