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Tag Duels and Why They're Fun

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PostSubject: Tag Duels and Why They're Fun Tue Aug 11, 2015 1:35 am#1

Why should you particapate in a tag duel?
Usually in a single duel you have a player starting off with 5 cards. In a
tag duel 3 players get six cards. This doesn't sound like much but 1 card
can be the deciding factor on if your combo/plays go off. Also In a single
duel there is sometimes a problem with loosing steam and resources. In a tag I think that it is just slow enough to where that doesn't happen as quick and because you have another player's cards you can use that to your advantage, you're almost never stuck with nothing to do.

Cards like call of the haunted,summoners arc, reinforcements of the army, or anything of the sort can be set so your partner can use them which could help them achieve their plays. Which brings up the team work. This argument is just something you have to visualize or experience but the different combinations of decks can lead to interesting plays and circumstances. With the somewhat slowness you have and more resources to play with a lot more decks become viable which makes a more diverse meta. For example Constellars are somewhat decent because they summon monsters your partner can use, they have cards like reinforcements and tenki which has a chance to help your partner, and they usually bring the trap game to help interfere with their opponent to let their partner get a chance to do something. Consistancy can also be increased by cards like ancient leaf and hope for escape. Because you have so much life points ancient leaf is basically a pot of greed. And if you play your cards right hope for escape can give you so much cards that it can win you the game. Communication with your partner is a crucial part in a tag duel. knowing what cards they need/have can help determine what course of action you want to take. Lastly it's fun because in most circumstances everyone has a chance to play.

So to summurize, from the deck combinations, to opening new cards to being play, from working with someone for once, and actually getting a chance to duel tag duels are a refreshing experience and is worth trying out. =D GLHF Everyone!!!
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Tag Duels and Why They're Fun

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